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Statistical data on the UK downstream industry can be found in UKPIA's Statistical Review.

This publication contains a range of information covering topics such as road transport fuels, alternative fuels, demand data, fuel prices, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and health and safety.

It is available in hard copy or it can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking on the link below.

Click here to download the Statistical Review 2018

Aggregated financial performance of UKPIA member companies

The combined financial figures (based on published accounts) of the oil companies which are UKPIA members, show that over a five year period to 2016, they averaged a return on their capital tied up in refining and marketing of about 9%. Over the same period, the average return on capital employed for the service industries was 16% and that of upstream oil production was 13%. On the other hand, the average return on capital employed for all UK manufacturing companies was about 9.5%. 

The industry has long recognised the need to respond to the market forces affecting the sector. There is a continuing drive to increase efficiency by investment in new plant and equipment, as well as through merger of companies and rationalisation or sharing of facilities.

For the foreseeable future, fossil fuels will remain the main source of energy for internal combustion engines, which will continue to provide motive power for the transport sector. However, it is likely that road fuels will continue to evolve with biofuels - conventional and perhaps advanced ones. Vehicles are becoming even cleaner and less polluting with a range of technologies, including hybrid.

However, the process is unlikely to stop there. A major goal for the downstream industry is to rebuild profitability in refining and marketing so that the UK has a thriving and competitive downstream sector able to meet these future challenges.

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