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This part of our site contains some facts and figures about the scope of our members' activities and their contribution to the UK's economy.

It also looks in more detail at the journey which starts with crude oil coming into the refinery, following its transformation into a variety of fuels, lubricants and by-products, storage and distribution and eventual delivery to the customer.

Some facts and figures

Our members:
  • Supply over 33% of the primary energy used by consumers in the UK
  • Source 86% of the petroleum products sold in the UK
  • Support employment for over 88,000 people either directly or indirectly
  • Operate the UK's six major crude oil refineries which rank amongst the largest
    and most efficient in Western Europe
  • Operate 1,500 miles of pipelines and around 50 storage & distribution terminals
  • Own 1,216 of the UK's 8,494 service stations
  • Sell about 130 million litres of petrol and diesel every day to around 5 million customers
  • Sell just over £2.7 billion worth of convenience foods and goods every year
  • Collect over £36 billion in duty and taxes on fuels each year on behalf of the Government
  • Invested about £5.6 billion in refining, distribution and marketing fixed assets over the
    the last five years, much of which was aimed at  reducing the environmental impact
    of the industry's products and operations
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