Petroineos Grangemouth Refinery



Petroineos Grangemouth Refinery

Petroineos Manufacturing Scotland Ltd, PO Box 30, Bo'ness Road, Grangemouth, Lothian, FK3 9XQ, Scotland

Tel: 01324 483422 

Situated close to the Firth of Forth, Grangemouth traces its origins back to 1924 and up until the Second World War it handled about 400,000 tonnes of crude oil. Major expansions immediately post war and in the 1970s brought refining capacity to in excess of 10 million tonnes per year.

The North Sea Forties Pipeline system terminates at the refinery and excess crude oil is exported via pipeline to a tanker loading terminal on the Forth. Crude oil also comes into the refinery via a 58 mile pipeline from Finnart Ocean terminal which can handle up to 324,000 ton deadweight tankers.

Previously owned by BP, the refinery was sold to Ineos Group in December 2005.

Facts and Figures
Refining capacity: >10.0 million tonnes per year

22% - Petrol
24% - Diesel
13% - Kerosene & Jet Fuel
08% - Gas Oil
15% - Fuel Oil
12% - LPG / Petrochemical Feedstocks
06% - Fuel Gas / Other

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Main operating units

  • Distillation Unit
  • Catalytic Cracker
  • Hydro Cracker
  • Catalytic Reformer
  • Hydro Desulpherisation Unit
  • Gas Recovery Unit
  • Specialist Units for Petrochemicals Benzene Extraction