Total Lindsey Oil Refinery


Total Lindsey Oil Refinery Ltd

Killingholme, North Lincolnshire DN40 3LW
Tel: 01469 563300

Situated close to the south bank of the Humber Estuary in North Lincolnshire, Lindsey Oil Refinery, originally a 50/50 joint venture between Fina and Total, has been wholly owned by Total following the acquisition of Fina in 1999.

The refinery in a basic form with crude distillation, gas treatment, naptha hydrotreating and reforming, and middle distillate desulphurisation, came on stream in May 1968 with a processing capacity of 3.5 million tonnes per year.

The following year a second phase expansion duplicated these units, as well as adding a fractionater, a kerosene de-aromatizer, sulphur recovery, vacuum distillation and bitumen production. During the 1970s further improvements were made increasing capacity to 9.6 million tonnes. During the 1980s further capacity was added with a fluid catalytic cracker, alkylation unit, a visbreaker and an MTBE unit producing high octane petrol blending components. Expenditure in the 1990s has focused on improving efficiency and environmental performance, which has seen the commissioning of a high efficiency biological effluent treatment unit and a combined heat and power plant to supply electricity and steam.

In mid 2007, the construction of a new distillate hydrotreater (HDS) and a hydrogen production unit commenced, with completion scheduled for 2009. The new units will boost production of sulphur free diesel and give greater flexibility in type of crude oils that can be processed.

Crude oil is imported via pipelines from nearby berths at Immingham which can handle tanker up to 100,000 tons deadweight and refined products are despatched by rail, pipeline, road and sea.

Facts and figures
Refining capacity: 11 million tonnes per year

25% - Petrol
30% - Diesel
17% - LPG & Speciality Products
15% - Fuel Oil & Bitumen
13% - Kerosene & Jet Fuel

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Main operating units

  • Distillation Unit
  • Vacuum Distillation
  • Thermal Cracker
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracker
  • Catalytic Reformer
  • MTBE Unit
  • Desulpherisation Units
  • Gas Recovery Unit
  • Isomerisation & Polyproylene/Propane Splitter
  • Alkylation Unit
  • Visbreaker