Oil Care Campaign

Oil is a common and highly visible form of pollution.  Because of the way it spreads, even a small quantity can cause a lot of harm: five litres of oil is enough to cover a small lake.

Latest figures show that fuels and oils' pollution incidents totalled 2,992 in 2008, compared to over 3,000 in 2007 (source: EA 'Pollution incident sources and pollutants 2008’). The most commonly encountered types of oil are diesel, central heating oil, waste oil and petrol.

The causes of pollution incidents range from equipment failure, inappropriate or poorly maintained facilities through to deliberate acts.

UKPIA has worked with the Environment Agency on the Oil Care Campaign to reduce the number of pollution incidents and raise awareness of good practice.

Practical guidance and information on legal compliance is available on the Environment Agency's website.

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Oil Bank Line

Oil Bank Line 08708 506 506