Crime and Security


Regrettably, criminal activity is a facet of modern life, and filling stations and staff working at them are sometimes the target. Types of forecourt crime include robbery, card fraud and driving off without paying for fuel.

Through BOSS (British Oil Security Syndicate), the oil industry is working with the police, Home Office, Crimestoppers, banks and other organisations to tackle these issues.

For information on BOSS click here.

For information on card fraud click here.


The UK faces a number of potential threats to its national infrastructure.  As a key industry sector responsible for the fuel supply on which much of industry and society depend, the downstream oil industry is subject to threats posed by cyber attack, espionage and terrorism, as well as flooding, storms and other natural hazards.

UKPIA and its member companies work closely with the Police and Fire and Rescue Services, the Home Office, other Government Departments and the Environment Agency to mitigate against these threats.

For more information on security issues and advice visit the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)'s website.

For more information on resilience of infrastructure from natural hazards click here.

For more information on the forecast risk of flooding visit the Environment Agency's website.

A good practice guidance on the secure procurement of contracting staff in the oil and gas industry has been produced by CPNI, in collaboration with Oil and Gas UK. 

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