Guidelines on Commercial Deliveries of Fuel

As part of efforts to continue to reduce the volume of oil released to the environment, the Secretary of State introduced the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage)(England) Regulations 2001.

The Regulations specify minimum compliance standards and make recommendations for the design, installation, and maintenance of oil storage facilities ("oil" being defined in the Regulations as "any kind of oil, including petrol") together with guidance on the safe discharge and receipt of oil.

In outline, the Regulations apply to domestic oil storage greater than 3500 litres and industrial oil storage greater than 200 litres. Any storage installation falling within these categories must comply with the Regulations by 1st September 2005.

In addition, all new oil storage installations within the size categories above commissioned after 1st March 2002 must be immediately compliant, whilst all oil storage situated within 10 metres of any inland freshwaters or coastal waters or 50 metres of a well or borehole has had to comply from 1st September 2003.

In order to help customers meet the requirements of the Regulations UKPIA and its members have developed a "Delivery Facility Checklist" (click here for a copy of the Regulations and DEFRA’s guidance).  The UKPIA Checklist is based on the requirement of the Regulations and as such contains two parts:

  • The first part contains a list of mandatory measures required by the Regulations.  Where these measures apply to the customers facility, if the answer to any checklist question is “No”, UKPIA Members reserve the right not to deliver petroleum and/or lubricant products and will only deliver where the customer has demonstrated to the company’s satisfaction that it is safe to do so.  Where the regulations are not applicable to a customer these measures are still recommended good practice.
  • The second part contains a list of recommendations that UKPIA members will encourage their customers to meet. These are only recommendations and delivery is not dependent on compliance.

UKPIA’s members have adopted the checklist during 2004-05, however it should be noted that each company may have additional requirements and in the event that any part of the checklist is inconsistent with any term between you and any member company such contract term shall prevail.

View UKPIA's Delivery Facility Checklist.