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EU Industrial Strategy and Energy Package


22 January 2014

Today, the European Commission unveiled proposals for a European industrial renaissance and a policy framework for climate and energy to 2030. 

The Commission’s proposals for an industrial renaissance acknowledge the challenges facing the industrial sector in the EU and the crucial need to maintain and increase competitiveness. The 2030 framework for climate and energy announces a single 40% GHG target for Europe, below the 1990 level and an EU-wide binding target for renewable energy of at least 27%. 

Chris Hunt, UKPIA’s Director General, commented: “The recognition that climate, energy and environmental challenges must be compatible with keeping the EU competitive is encouraging. UKPIA welcomes a single specific target for GHG emissions’ reduction and the individual freedom for Member States to define pathways and achieve overall targets”. Chris continued: “However, the process for interaction between Member States and Commission is crucial and UKPIA looks forward to a positive and constructive debate on policy options.” 


Enquiries to: Chris Hunt, Tel. 020 7269 7601 - Nunzia Florio, Tel. 020 7269 7605

Notes to editors:

1. UKPIA represents nine oil refining and marketing companies that operate the 7 major oil refineries in the UK; the refineries processed 69 million tonnes of crude oil and produced 70.3 million tonnes of refined products in 2012 (Source: DECC- DUKES data). UKPIA members also own around 1,600 of the 8,700 filling stations in the UK.

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