UKPIA Makes Key Appointment on Process Safety
UK Petroleum Industry Association
24th November 2008


Process Safety Leadership - The Way forward

Peter Davidson UKPIA

Peter Davidson has been appointed as Process Safety Programme Manager, and will join the Secretariat in January 2009. Peter’s appointment will help both to underpin the active participation of UKPIA in the Process Safety Leadership Group (PSLG)3 and the continued development of our process safety programme under the guidance of UKPIA’s Process Safety Leadership Network.

UKPIA and its members continue to be closely involved in taking a lead on developing measures designed to promote the sharing of good practice and performance improvement in process safety at oil refineries and fuel storage facilities that are subject to COMAH regulations.

During this year UKPIA:

  • Held an international conference in February on process safety leadership.
  • Participated in the HSE ‘Leading from the top’ conference for chief executives in April.
  • Council signed up to the Commitment on Process Safety Leadership in April.
  • Announced in September that their member companies (along with those of the Tank Storage Association) have committed to the standards of Safety Integrity Level 1 and the installation of automatic shutdown systems at storage terminals for tanks storing gasoline (petrol) received via pipeline transfer.
  • Under the auspices of the PSLG, was a lead participant in the Practitioners Workshops held in October, and
  • Participated in the conference for senior executives of onshore major hazard companies in November, sponsored by the PSLG.

UKPIA has also established its own Process Safety Leadership Network, chaired by Alan Green of ConocoPhillips, whose role is to help support and direct the work of UKPIA and its members on the working groups of the PSLG, and support UKPIA’s Council in the delivery of its process safety commitments.


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Notes to editors:

  1. UKPIA represents nine oil refining and marketing companies operating in the UK, which also own approximately 2,152 of the UK's 9,271 service stations, and own and operate the nine major crude oil processing refineries in the UK.
  2. Peter Davidson is 38 years old, lives in Hertfordshire and is currently Regulatory Compliance Manager for ABB Ltd. He has extensive experience of safety management and certification in the pharmaceutical, chemical, nuclear and petrochemical industries.
  3. Tony Traynor, Operations Director of INEOS Refining, chairs the Process Safety Leadership Group (PSLG).Formed in July 2007 as the successor organisation to the Buncefield Standards Task Group, the PSLG aims to build upon the work of the Task Group, particularly in relation to maintaining leadership to improve operating and process safety standards in the petrochemical sector. It is also taking forward outstanding matters arising from the BSTG work, examining any other recommendations coming from the Buncefield Major Incident Investigation Board’s reports, and will monitor compliance with all the recommendations. The PSLG includes representatives from industry trade associations, the Competent Authority (5) and trades unions .
  4. The main process safety regulation of refineries and terminals in the UK is the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Regulations 1999. Refineries and larger oil storage terminals are categorised as top tier sites. These regulations require all such sites to have a major accident prevention plan and, in addition, top tier sites must produce a safety report to show that risks have been systematically reviewed and controlled, and necessary measures taken.
  5. COMAH Regulations are enforced by a joint Competent Authority: the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency in England and Wales; and HSE and Scottish Environment Protection Agency in Scotland.

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