Fuel Supply in Scotland and Grangemouth Strike Action

21st April 2008

Grangemouth dispute

Staff at the INEOS Grangemouth refinery in Scotland have voted for strike action on 27th and 28th April, in a dispute concerning pension rights. As there may be insufficient staff to maintain safe working of the refinery, the decision has been taken to commence shutdown of plant that processes hydrocarbons.

Although it is expected that there will be continuing discussions to attempt to resolve the dispute, Grangemouth refinery provides most of the petroleum products supplied to consumers in Scotland so there could be impacts upon normal levels of fuel delivery.

The industry is assessing the possible impacts and working with Government, the Scottish Executive and other agencies, in line with well developed emergency response plans, to ensure that critical fuel supplies are maintained. In the meantime, consumers are urged to maintain their normal re-fuelling patterns in order to avoid unnecessary strain on fuel distribution.

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Notes to editors:

  1. UKPIA represents the oil refining and marketing companies operating in the UK, which also own approximately 2,152 of the UK's 9,271 service stations.
  2. UKPIA members own and operate the nine crude processing oil refineries in the UK.
  3. Grangemouth refinery, situated on the Firth of Forth, is part of the INEOS group and was previously owned by BP up until December 2005. The refinery has a capacity to process 10 million tonnes of crude oil per year.

    Petroleum product output approx 898,000 cubic metres:

     Petrol  22%
     Diesel  24%
     Kerosene & Jet Fuel  13%
     Gas Oil  8%
     Fuel Oil
     LPG / Petrochemical Feedstocks  12%
     Fuel Gas / Other  6%

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