'Save More than Fuel' Campaign

27th May 2008


'Save More than Fuel': European petroleum industry partners with the European Commission in pan-European consumer campaign.

The European Petroleum Industry Association (EUROPIA)1 and the European Commission, represented by  Energy Commissioner Piebalgs are launching today a campaign across 29 countries to encourage consumers to ‘Save more than fuel’ by making small adjustments to their driving behaviour.

Forty oil companies in Europe have joined forces to run a consumer-awareness campaign on the efficient use of transport fuels. The campaign proposes ten tips on how to drive more efficiently and will help motorists to save fuel and reduce their carbon footprint.

Over 45,000 petrol stations across 29 European countries will take part in the ‘Save More Than Fuel’ campaign. Millions of leaflets on fuel efficiency and responsible driving behaviour will be available to consumers at filling stations, with additional information on the dedicated website 

Commenting on the initiative, EUROPIA President Panos E. Cavoulacos and Secretary General Isabelle Muller said: “We are hugely excited about this campaign. It recognises our industry’s role in meeting climate and energy challenges while also opening a dialogue on energy efficiency with our customers. By using our knowledge, expertise and infrastructure, we can communicate on the need for behavioural change and collectively begin to make a difference.”

With launches taking place simultaneously throughout Europe, the campaign is expected to reach many millions of drivers.  In the UK, it will be led by UKPIA 2 and all seven of its nine member companies that have retail marketing interests will be participating.

Commenting on the campaign, Transport Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick said: “I very much welcome this international campaign which complements the Government’s own efforts to promote energy efficiency to drivers with the ‘ACT ON CO2’ 3 campaign. By adopting some of these driving tips, motorists can save both fuel and money, whilst reducing the environmental impact of using their car. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how small changes in individual behaviour collectively can have a big impact.”



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Notes to editors

  1. The European Petroleum Industry Association, EUROPIA, represents the downstream interests of the oil industry in Europe, covering around 80% of EU petroleum refining capacity and some 75% of EU retail fuel sales. EUROPIA is based in Brussels, Belgium.
  2. UKPIA represents nine oil refining and marketing companies operating in the UK.. Our members own and operate all the 9 major crude oil refineries in the UK, supply 90% of the inland oil consumption, and export about a third of their production to Europe and USA. They also own approximately 2,152 of the UK's 9,271 service stations.
  3. The Department for Transport’s ‘Act On CO2’ campaign website has tips on smarter driving and the best in CO2 rankings that show the top ten new cars with the lowest CO2 emissions in their class.
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