UKPIA Consultation Responses

2020 Consultation Responses

Introducing E10 Petrol


The UKPIA membership are supportive of the mandated introduction of E10 in the UK and welcome an enhanced route for the adoption of low carbon fuels. Of course, as with any modification to the UK fungible fuel mix, there are practical considerations to consider. However, UKPIA is confident that, done properly, E10 can be introduced in the UK with minimal impact on the consumer. 

Introducing E10 Petrol: Consultation
UK Global Tariffs


UKPIA and its members are - in principle - in favour of most of Government’s objectives of this consultation. Simplifying and making more consistent arrangements for tariffs & removing nuisance tariffs are worthy objectives. The downstream oil sector is a commodity market of fungible, highly tradeable, products which despite high trade volumes tends to be traded with low margins.

UK Global Tariff
Carbon Emissions Tax


The UK refining sector has previously strongly supported continued membership of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) until at least the end of Phase III in December 2020, and its subsequent replacement by a linked UK ETS.

Carbon Emissions Tax
RTFO Buy Out


UKPIA is supportive of an increase to the buy-out price of the RTFO effective from 1st January 2021 in light of the ending of the motor fuels GHG emissions reduction target on 31st December 2020.

RTFO Buy Out
Transport Decarbonisation Plan


Transport is now the highest in-use emissions producing sector in the UK. Whilst efficiency improvements in internal combustion engine (ICE) technologies have improved average per-vehicle emissions, overall miles travelled have increased. Evidently, transport has proven a stubborn sector to decarbonise in the UK.

Transport Decarbonisation Plan
Ending Sale of Petrol and Diesel Vehicles


UKPIA is supportive of the role of electrification in decarbonising UK transport – one technology of many – and calls for close government-industry partnership, and regular and frank assessment of available technologies to ensure up-to-date, evidenced policy making. UKPIA will continue to work with government on the challenge of reaching net zero.

Ending the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles
BEIS Super Inquiry - COVID-19


With three distinct yet interlinked challenges in the form of: recovery from the pandemic; adjusting to changes following Brexit; and meeting Net-Zero, UK Government’s actions need to ensure that they can provide both certainty and security to businesses now, while not being in conflict with the long-term goal to make the UK economy net-zero by 2050. 

Super Inquiry - COVID 19
BEIS Committee - Impact of COVID 19


The petroleum industry is supporting the national effort to combat coronavirus. Demand for Fuel in the UK has reduced overall causing major issues for the sector. The downstream oil industry has been affected significantly by coronavirus but in working with regulators, has kept the country moving through the ready supply of liquid fuels.

Impact of Covid 19 - BEIS Committee
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